You can Create Everyday Lives for People with Disabilities! image

You can Create Everyday Lives for People with Disabilities!

People with disabilities value a life just like anyone else.

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You can help someone with a disability achieve their goals right now!

"An everyday life is about opportunities, relationships, rights, and responsibilities. It is about being a member of the community, having a valued role, making a contribution to society, and having one's rights as a citizen fully respected. It is a vision that we should all be working toward together."(Everyday Lives: Values in Action, PA Department of Human Services)

Ryan at his new home

People with disabilities want the same freedoms, choices and purpose as you and me. The individuals that live at EHCA and participate in EHCA's community programs want to attend social outings, volunteer or work activities, and other appointments or meetings. They often need assistance using adapted equipment or transport options, and you can help support their everyday lives by donating to EHCA's annual appeal.

Can't donate now? Learn more about EHCA. Were you interested in something else? (ex. planned giving, estate planning or leaving a legacy to EHCA.) Please contact Jonathan Rilling, EHCA's Director of Marketing, Advancement, and Communications at 814-315-1855 or send an email to